Saturday, 13 October 2007


Constructive emcee, Bashy, is presenting a positive image of black boys with his pioneering tune, simply titled Black Boys.
The song is dedicated to brothas making movements towards success.
More specifically, Bashy gives props to Dizzee Rascal, So Solid Crew, Jermain Defoe, Swiss, Trevor Nelson, Sway, Kodjo, Steve Sutherland, his Father and many others.

The self-proclaimed 'social/street commentator' also puts aside his past issues with Wiley by stating "….that's why no matter what we had, I still gotta' shout out Wiley. He built a scene. Amongst us black boys he built a dream".
The fact that he mentions Wiley (credit where credit is due right?) shows Bashy's maturity as a person and an artist.

Don't worry ladies; Bashy doesn't forget the sistas, as he mentions a few "ebony dimes" like Sade, Ms Dynamite, Keisha White and others.
Also Bashy tells me a remix dedicated to us sistas, is on the way and will feature Ms Dynamite.

When asked what inspired Black Boys, Bashy explains "We don't celebrate our black people's successes and I've had enough of it".

Positive praise for black boys (and girls too) is rare, it is more likely that black boys are associated with negativity and are often stereotyped as hooligans and gun wielding thugs.
So hearing such lines as "no we ain't hooligans, just young and talented Nubians," was a refreshing delight to my ears.

The song also coincides with Black History Month which is celebrated every October in the UK.

A big shout out to Bashy, because music isn't just about who can move the most units (someone enlighten 50 Cent), it's also about sending out a message and Bashy's got it locked.

You can vote for Black Boys on MTV Base– get voting people because this song is worth it!


October is Black History Month (BHM) in the UK and there are many events/activities that will be taking place, to enable us to reflect and learn about the contributions of the black community, celebrate their achievements and discover black history.

There are loads of things to do this month, get involved and you’ll be spoilt for choice. For more information visit your local council’s website or click here.

Happy Black History Month!