Friday, 4 May 2007


I discovered an article on the Telegraph newspaper website today which I thought I would bring to your attention. The article detailed the tragic murder of a man in which police believe witnesses are keeping quiet. However a poem was left on lampposts and bus stops that allegedly names the killer (who is said to be a black male) and how he disposed of the murder weapon. The article then goes on to say that the author of the poem “uses street slang which suggests he may be black himself”.

I hear so many people - young, old, from a variety of races and backgrounds that use “street slang” frequently; in fact it seems to be a fashion trend. So it amazes me that the Telegraph came to the ill-informed and stereotypicl conclusion that because the poem was written in "street slang" this “suggests he may be black”.

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Many candidates from the neo-Nazi BNP party failed to win seats during local elections; despite there being 750 candidates this week. The BNP also lost seats that they had previously occupied, reports Black Information Link.

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