Saturday, 10 March 2007


Channel 4 will air The Last Slave, a programme where British born, David Monteith traces his ancestry back to Africa tomorrow evening at 8pm. The programme coincides with the 200th anniversary of the abolishment of the slave trade in Britain this year.

A memoir kept by David’s great, great, great grandfather, Archibald Monteith enables him to trace his background to Nigeria, Western Africa. Archibald was taken from his native African home to become a slave in Jamaica and he was one of the very few that were able to document their life story.

The Last Slave depicts David’s touching journey and reminds viewers of the harsh reality of the African slave trade and he explains: "I think the biggest way that Archie's story affects me is just to think that but for an accident of birth that could have been me. I'm black he was black, at that time you were probably a slave. That could have been me. And that thought goes through my head a lot".

The programme also reveals some shocking truths about slavery, how some Africans willingly sold others sometimes their own relatives as slaves. To find out more make sure you catch the programme tomorrow on Channel 4 at 8pm or click here for more information.

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