Sunday, 18 March 2007


With this week’s revelation of the 50 most influential and powerful Black women in the New Nation weekly black newspaper, I was busy spreading the word; however much to my surprise a lot of people were clueless.

When discussing the fact that Baroness Valerie Amos topped the list and was described in the paper as the most influential and powerful Black woman in Britain, I encountered quite a few puzzled faces.

Many people also knew little about Baroness Patricia Scotland of Asthal QC (Queen's Council) who came in at number two. It’s funny how everybody knew who Naomi Campbell is, though she only came in three places below Baroness Amos.

Baroness Amos is the first black woman cabinet minister and joint first black woman peer and the appointed Leader of the House of Lords, for those of you who want to know more please click the link above.

Baroness Scotland on the other hand is Minister of State for the criminal justice system and offender management. In fact this Sunday evening those of you who watched BBC Parliament would have seen her discussing Black Youth and Criminal Justice during a Home Affairs Committee session.

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