Monday, 19 March 2007


Journalist Jackie Ashley expresses her opinion on the recent stabbings of Kodjo Yenga and other youngsters in today's issue of The Guardian newspaper. Ashley believes "the war against teenage violence is winnable".

She reports: "I suspect, though I cannot prove, that there is a racist tinge to the reaction of the majority. People think, but don't say, well, it's only black on black, or Asian on Asian for that matter. It is one gang of uncivilised young thugs against another (though Kodjo was neither a gang member nor a young thug). Keep out of their way, and these murders will continue but won't touch us. When the people involved are young and white, another defence mechanism kicks in: "Well, it happened outside a pub/nightclub in the small hours. If you're not young, male and drinking in the wrong place, this won't touch you."

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