Monday, 26 March 2007


Journalist Brendan O’neil writes a piece for the Guardian comment is free section today and it is titled “Enslaved by self-pity”.

He believes that “the idea that black people are 'emotionally scarred' by slavery is borderline racist".

He then went on to write:
Young black Britons risk being enslaved by self-pity thanks to the dodgy deterministic arguments of various community workers, commentators and officials. Click here to read more.


irvine said...

this is utter rubbish, there is no self pity within the blacks, lets open a debate about this, coz 1)the system in the (uk) is designed in a different(for the lack of a better word) way to the way it works in their original countries whereby it (their system in native countries) favours whites who are the descendants of white colonialism right, then come back to the united kingdom its still the same thing, highly exclusive no wonder they are dissillusioned. 2)whites have never suffered such gross mindset disorder. a curse that even if you get educated you will still be inferior to the whites.3)where shall we go where we will rule supreme our own destinies?, answer me in hell?, even there we are not even in good books with the devil.4)i wish the article writter should apologise to the blacks for such a degradory and deformating statement.5)we are enslaved by the wicked system of this world come on who ever prospers at the expence of onother being is sick, rotten and stinks to the highest core of hell.

we are descendants of a grossly traumatised generation and its our inheritence, i would love to hear what kunta kinte would say if we told him its self pity that we inherited. we inherited a psychological syndrome and its not self inflicted as it would seem inthis article topic please we are alive as black people and one day we will rule this plannet just watch. unless we are all exterminated before time and we know by for thought

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

the idea that black people are 'emotionally scarred' by slavery is borderline racist.

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